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AB International Distribution
AB International Distribution, 132 avenue du president Wilson , 93210 saint denis la plaine , France
Tel: 33-1 492 220 01 Fax: 33-1 492 222 216

Market Stand: Year-round exhibitor on the S&T platform

Valerie Vleeschhouwer, Managing Director
Ulrich Lagriffoul, VP International Sales
Juliette Laniez, VP sales (french speaking territories)
Isabelle Aghina, VP International Sales
Arianna Castoldi, Head of documentary sales

Genre: Drama - factual and crime
Run Time: 6 x 52'
Director(s): Alexandre Laurent
Cast: Carole Bouquet, Jacques Weber, Fred Testot, Frederique Bel
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Jeanne Deber, known as "The Mantis," a famous serial killer who terrorized France more than 25 years ago, is forced by the police to come out of solitary confinement and hunt down her copycat. She agrees to collaborate with the police under one condition: to have only one interlocutor, her son Damien Carrot, who has become a cop to redeem his mother's crimes and has refused all contact with her since her arrest.
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Genre: Adventure, Science-Fiction
Run Time: 20 x 26'
Director(s): Julien Lacombe
Producer(s): Empreinte Digitale, series created by Henri Debeurne, Julien Lacombe & Ami Cohe
Cast: Héléne Vivies, Clément Aubert, Mathias Mlekuz, Jean-Toussaint Bernard
Delivery Status: None
Year: 2016
In a not too far distant future, the eccentric Swiss billionaire William Meyer manages to launch the first civilian mission to Mars. Among the 8 top astronauts and ivy league scientists of his crew, there is Jeanne Renoir, a psychiatrist who is last minute replacement. After 10 months of space travel, the day before they land, Meyer and his crew learn some bad news : they have been overtaken by their American competitors and their revolutionary technology. They will not be the first on Mars. But since the arrival on Mars, no news from the American crew. Except an alarming last message. The exploration mission becomes a rescue mission. After a chaotic landing on Mars, the European squad finds a survivor. But he is not from the American mission. His name is Vladimir Komarov. He is Russian. And he is the first man who died in space... In 1967.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 52 min
Director(s): Thierry POIRAUD, Julien DESPAUX
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: France, Belgium
Villefranche. A small bordertown lost in the heart of a large forest which makes any phone call hazardous. A place like no other, increasingly deserted by its inhabitants while the crime rate is 6 times higher than elsewhere.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Animation hybrid
Run Time: 26 min
Language: english
Director(s): Live Action: Luc Chalifour; CGI Animation :Tarik Hamdine
Producer(s): Method animation, AB Production, Zdf, RAI, France tv, DQ, Nexus
Delivery Status: In Production
Year: 2015
Countries of Origin: france
What if at 11 you discover you're the direct descendant of the most well know fairy tale heroin? What if 7 Dwarfs just popped in your life to protect you and make sure you'll be true to ages of tradition ? What if you're Snow White's heir ? Well it's then time to say "Once upon a time", take a deep breath and live the funniest time of your life !
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Run Time: 52
Language: french
Director(s): Francois Velle
Producer(s): GAZELLE prod / Gaelle Cholet for France 3
Cast: Brigitte Fossey, Valerie Karsenty, Flore Bonaventura
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2014
Countries of Origin: france
Fred Latour is a loving husband, an attentive father and a caring son. To take his mind off his daily business worries, his wife, his mother and his daughter organize a party for his 40th birthday. But, as he goes upstairs to change himself in his room, Fred falls dead through the veranda. Devastated, the three women, who are the only witnesses of the accident, join forces to face their loss and find out what really happened. What seems to be an unexplained suicide or a banal domestic accident could be a murder. And its Operating mode reminds Fred's father's death, 30 years ago.
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Run Time: 90
Language: French sub engl
Director(s): Christian FAURE
Producer(s): Septembre productions
Cast: Isabelle Gélinas, Léa Drucker
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2013
Countries of Origin: france
Four young scouts drown as well as the young man who tries to save them. The enquiry reveals inexcusable faults and negligence on the part of the supervisors, a fundamentalist catholic organization run by the abbe Vialard. Two women, the mother of one of the children and the mother of the vanished young rescuer will each, in their way come to terms with the pain of losing a child and must face those around them when they decide to seek justice. The search for the truth owed to their children slowly gets closer.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Run Time: 52
Language: french
Director(s): VARIOUS
Producer(s): SON ET LUMIERE
Cast: Caroline Proust, Gregory Fitoussi, Guillaume Cramoisan.
Delivery Status: In Production
Year: 2014
Countries of Origin: france
Spiral's fifth season brings together the heroes in an extreme crime which immerses the audience in the dark universe of organized crime, informers and girl's gangs. The brutality of the investigation reveals unexpected affinities between the characters, but also definitive break-ups. None of them will get unharmed through this ordeal.
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Run Time: 22
Language: French sub engl
Director(s): Vianney Lebasque
Producer(s): Empreinte Digitale
Cast: Henri Bungert, Sami Outalbali, Adèle Wismes, Ilona Bachelier et Pauline Serieys
Delivery Status: In Production
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: france
The 9th grade students of a little suburban school are back in class! For MJ, Hugo and Avril, it's the year to make difficult choices. They're in 9th grade, they're officially the big kids in school, the bosses...
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Genre: Detective Series
Run Time: 52
Language: french
Director(s): VARIOUS
Cast: Xavier Deluc, Franck Semonin, Virginie Caliari, Chrystelle Labaude
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: france
The elite team in criminal investigation In France, every major city has its Research Unit. Every time a murder, a disappearance or a rape occurs, this elite team of Police steps in. Uniting experienced investigators, forensic, computer specialists, ballistic experts, the Research Unit uses all its skills to solve the most complex cases. But it is also a group of men and women, with their strength and weaknesses, their qualities and their flaws, who are able to forget all their problems and get united when it comes to solving a crime.
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